Additional equipment

With the rental of our boat you have the opportunity to use our equipment to make your adventure even more fun!

Water skis Mesle Comboski Strato 170
These skis are ideal for beginners as well as experienced skiers. Adjustable by the number of shoes (EU sizes 37 to 47), the length is 170 cm (67”).
Price: 30 €/day

Snorkeling equipment
Use mask and snorkel for complete enjoyment of sightseeing under the sea.
Price: FREE

Jobe Hydra 1p
This tube is one of the fastest around, with PVC-inside and a double-stitched nylon outer-layer.
Price: 15 €/day

Jobe Tube Rumbler 1p
This tube has four handles and gives you complete comfort in all positions during exciting and wild driving.
Price: 15 €/day

Wakeboard Jobe Prolix 138
A wakeboard for beginner to experienced boarders, with a moulded polyurethane core and a grind base. 
Price: 40 €/day

Jobe Chaser 2p
A tube to ride with a friend or family member. Hold on tight to its comfy and super strong nylon-wrapped handles with luxurious neoprene knuckle protection.
Price: 20 €/day

Seascooter Yamaha RDS 280
This seascooter has up to 1.5 hours of use and speeds of up to 4.5 km/h at depths up to 30 meters. Perfect for recreational diving and diving adventures.
Price: 50 €/day

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