Rent a boat in Croatia: A boating paradise

Rent a boat in Croatia: A boating paradise

Travel along the Mediterranean’s unique rugged coast, crystalline blue sea, and colorful stone villages while experiencing optimal sailing conditions when you rent a boat in Croatia. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to rent a boat with a skipper to some of the beautiful recommended locations, book a private tour, or rent a bareboat, it’s sure to be the sailing holiday of a lifetime. It’s never too late to discover your inner captain after all! Browse below and find everything you need to know in terms of prices, conditions, licenses, destinations, and remarkable tips. 

How to rent a boat in Croatia?

  1. Choose your departure point; You can embark from one of the major harbors in Croatia — Pula, Zadar, Sukošan, Biograd, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, or Dubrovnik. Whilst Pula happens to be one of the safest harbors in Croatia, many boaters from all over the world depart from the Middle-Dalmatian town Zadar. Its position makes it the ideal starting point for your nautical adventure either you plan to hop around the islands or navigate along the Dalmatian coastline.
  2. Find the best boat rentals; As an undiscovered nautical destination growing in popularity, you’re able to choose among the many types of professional charters in Croatia. In general, boat rentals are affordable which adds to the stress-free organization and relaxing sailing holiday.
  3. Make safety paramount; You need to show a boating to rent a boat in Croatia. Exams for this license can be made with local harbor authorities. We can give you the contact so you will be able to make it on the spot before you rent a boat.
  4. Pick your dream vessel; From luxury prestige yachts to smaller boats — choose your vessel for exploring the coastline. We can offer you a vast range of boats, as well as friendly support throughout the booking process.
  5. Check out terms of use; Make sure your desired boat rental includes insurance, prescribed equipment, and cleaning services after the lease. The rent usually does not include fuel costs and fees for other ports.
  6. Set sail; Zadar is a perfectly positioned town to explore the surrounding islands and other parts of the Croatian rugged coastline. Head over to Pula, Split, or Dubrovnik to experience some of the main treasures of Croatia, or throw your anchor at islands like Pag, Krk, Cres, and Lošinj.

Harbour view of Marina Zadar

Harbour view of Marina Zadar

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Croatia?

Boat rental prices in Croatia vary depending on the season and length. The cost of hiring a boat differs by 40% between high and low seasons.

The sailing season usually starts in late April and runs up to October, with the highest rates during the months of July and August. For a yacht charter, you can expect to pay on average 1000€ per day, family cruisers 350€ per day, and speedboats on average 400€. Luxury motorboats with powerful engines of 1080 HP can cost you up to 2250€ with skipper services included in the price. On such spacious vessels, you can accommodate up to 11 people.

In the off-season, the rates are decreasing so is the total cost to rent a boat in Croatia. With the many options related to activity and size, you will find motorboats starting at as low as 180€ per day. Also, the professional skipper services come with an additional fee and their rates start at 80€ per day. They also serve as your local guide while showing you the hidden gems of the coast. If you have a skipper license, you can navigate the boat yourself and cut off your costs here.

Luxurious Doral Yacht

Doral Alegria 50

When to rent a boat in Croatia?

If you want to book a motorboat for one day, an instant request or a few weeks in advance might work. However, booking a yacht charter in Croatia usually requires months in advance. In March, more than 50% of rental yachts are already booked whilst in mid-July and August, this number reaches up to 90% of the total supply. On the other hand, November marks the lowest percentage of bookings. To make sure you won’t miss the opportunity to rent a boat in Croatia, book on time! If you get lucky, you might catch a last-minute deal a couple of weeks due to the travel date but still, the best option is to book a boat in Croatia for at least 8 months earlier. This will ensure that getting a fair Early-Booking Discount while having a great choice of the best-equipped yachts to choose from.

Where to rent a boat near me?

To start your sailing holiday in Croatia, you can rent a boat near you at any part of the Dalmatian coast. Charter a yacht from Split if you are closer to the center of Dalamatia, or find a boat rental in Dubrovnik if you are closer to the south of Dalamatia. However, your best choice would be to rent a boat in Zadar, especially if you find yourself in the middle of Dalmatia. It is perfectly positioned to explore the surrounding islands and experience some of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Why rent a boat in Zadar?

Zadar archipelago is home to rare flora and fauna consisting of 89 islands, several islets, and reefs that are only accessible by sea. The climate in the Zadar region is ideal for cruising with its mild winters and hot summers. These sailing conditions and the clearest waters of the Adriatic make it particularly good for first-time sailors to rent a boat in Zadar. Also, it is an exciting destination for nature lovers who have a spirit of adventure and want to try some new activities.

When you rent a boat in Zadar, you have the opportunity to see some of the most attractive Dalmatian destinations: The National Park Kornati with 147 islands, Nature Park Telašćica, the military naval tunnels on Long Island, Saharun beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, island Ošljak and other islands of the Adriatic sea. Make sure to drop anchor in Nin a town located on a protected lagoon north of Zadar that boasts 8,000 meters of sand beaches. The area has many facilities and offers opportunities for water sports enthusiasts.

 ​​The velvety-soft sandy Queen’s Beach in Nin

Queen’s Beach in Nin

How to rent a boat in Zadar without a license?

If you want to rent a boat in Zadar without a license, we have a special service — a private skipper who can captain the boat for you. You will set the itinerary with the skipper and he will take control of navigating the boat wherever you’d like to go. This is an ideal opportunity to discover the Zadar archipelago and enjoy an absolutely stress-free vacation in complete safety with a local guide.

Another option for such a relaxing holiday on a boat is to book a private tour on some of the sightseeing cruises through the island chain of the Zadar archipelago. You can either choose some of the already created boat tour itineraries or request an offer for any other destination. Hence you have complete freedom to adjust the existing itinerary to suit your needs.

Zadar sailing conditions

When choosing to rent a boat in Zadar, you’re opting to have mild sailing conditions and experience an unforgettable vacation across the Dalmatian coast. Take a look at the sailing weather for the Zadar region where the sailing season starts already in April and lasts until October, with peak seasons in July and August.

Brief summary of the sailing conditions in Croatia with the example of Zadar:


  • Average wind conditions: averaging at about 8 knots
  • Main sailing season: May – September
  • Summer temperatures: between 26 to 30°C
  • The highest temperature: July, 35°C
  • The lowest temperature: January, -7°C
  • Wave swell: moderate, peaks between 1 – 2 meters
  • Sea temperature: 25°C on average

Are you ready to start planning your trip to Croatia? A week spent on a boat sailing crystal-clear waters between private beaches, whilst enjoying Mediterranean cuisine is a picture-perfect vacation scenario. Check out our list of boat rentals in Croatia to experience freedom in an entirely new way.