Mali Iž, located in the southern expanse of the island Iž, unfolds its charm through a collection of scattered villages such as Porovac, Knež, Makovac, Komoševa, and Muće. This quaint village, home to fewer than 200 inhabitants, embraces the timeless pursuits of fishing and agriculture, tracing its roots back to ancient times. Beyond its historical allure, Mali Iž offers an idyllic haven for beach enthusiasts, boasting ten enchanting coves adorned with sand or gravel, including Mala Dumboka, Šolova, Peščenice, Pardešćak, Mali Vodenjak, Bršanj, Komoševa, Knež, Dolinje (Tražet), and Svežina. Whether exploring history or basking in the sun-kissed beauty of its shores, Mali Iž beckons with a unique blend of tradition and natural splendor.