With the rental of our boat you have the opportunity to use our equipment to make your adventure even more fun!


Snorkeling equipment

Use mask and snorkel for complete enjoyment of sightseeing under the sea.

5 €/day

Mesle Tube Cruzer 1P

This tube is one of the fastest around, with PVC-inside and a double-stitched nylon outer-layer

30 €/day

Jobe Tube Rumble 1P

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have endless fun! The super-fast Rumble can hold 1 person and guarantees you an exciting ride.

30 €/day

Jobe Tube Hotseat 1P

This tube has four handles and gives you complete comfort in all positions during exciting and wild driving.

30 €/day

Jobe Tube Ridge 1P

The inner material has been made of heavy duty 24G PVC, which makes this tube strong & light for a lively feeling on the waves.

30 €/day

Jobe Sunray 1P

The Sunray tube can be towed in two directions and is super comfortable whether you’re kneeling down or sitting upright. A fun and exciting ride, but nice and stable when needed.

40 €/day

Jobe Shark Trainer Funtube 1P

Amazingly suitable and sweet for children: meet Jobe’s Shark trainer Towable. With its strong, double-stitched 420D nylon cover and cute look it’s all about fun and more fun.

40 €/day

Jobe Tube Double Trouble 2P

This is truly a fun towable, providing a crazy combination of excitement, stability and seating comfort.

40 €/day

Jobe Chaser 2P

A tube to ride with a friend or family member. Hold on tight to its comfy and super strong nylon-wrapped handles with luxurious neoprene knuckle protection.

40 €/day

Water skis Mesle Comboski Strato 170

These skis are ideal for beginners as well as experienced skiers. Adjustable by the number of shoes (EU sizes 37 to 47), the length is 170 cm (67”).

45 €/day

Water skis Jobe Synergy 67

These skis are ideal for beginners as well as experienced skiers. Adjustable by the number of shoes (EU sizes 36 to 45), the length is 170 cm (67”).

45 €/day

Wakeboard Jobe Prolix 138

A wakeboard for beginner to experienced boarders, with a moulded polyurethane core and a grind base.

45 €/day

Jobe Slash Kneeboard

This kneeboard is fully padded from it’s EVA foam knee pad and strap to keep those landings nice and smooth. The playfullness off the winged outline and base channel design gives you a lot of fun with carving and slashing through the water!

40 €/day

Jobe Chipper Board

The Jobe Chipper brings a whole new meaning to fun on the water. This multi-position board has a completely round bottom with integrated channels for maneuverability. Suitable for both children and adults, this board is a blast to ride and is extremely satisfying to master.

45 €/day

SUP Cygnus Dentex 10'

SUP Cygnus Dentex 10′ is an ideal all-around SUP for families and beginners. Dimensions: 10’x30”x6” (305x76x15cm)

45 €/day

SUP Crane 305

Das SUP Crane 305 bietet optimalen Freizeitspaß für Einsteiger oder Fortgeschrittene. Die EVA-Basis des Boards sorgt für optimalen Halt und schützt vor Verrutschen. Das SUP wird komplett mit einer Rückenlehne und einem zweiseitigen Paddel geliefert, das im Sitzen gepaddelt werden kann.

45 €/day